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Buccaneer Bay Wet/Dry Combo

Type: Wet Combos

Ahoy, young swashbucklers! Get ready to set sail on a nautical adventure with our Buccaneer Bay Themed Inflatable Wet/Dry Combo—an inflatable treasure trove that brings the spirit of the high seas to your backyard. This pirate-themed wonderland is not just a play structure; it's a vessel for imagination, excitement, and aquatic thrills.

The Buccaneer Bay Inflatable stands tall with a pirate ship-inspired design, featuring billowing sails, weathered wood textures, and the iconic Jolly Roger flag flying proudly. The attention to detail instantly transforms your space into a pirate haven, where young buccaneers can embark on a quest for buried treasures and daring escapades.

Step aboard the dry section of the inflatable, where a pirate ship bounce house area awaits. Sturdy walls and safety netting ensure a secure play environment, allowing for hours of imaginative play in the safety of pirate territory.

But the adventure doesn't stop there. Ascend to the crow's nest and prepare for a splashdown like no other with the thrilling water slide. As young pirates descend, water jets create a refreshing cascade, turning the Buccaneer Bay into a water-soaked playground fit for the most daring sea dogs.

Crafted with safety as a top priority, the Buccaneer Bay Themed Inflatable Wet/Dry Combo is constructed from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and reliability. It's the perfect centerpiece for birthdays, pirate-themed parties, and any event where the call of the sea meets the thrill of water play.

Whether it's a sunny day of outdoor play or a special occasion requiring a touch of pirate magic, this inflatable combo promises endless smiles and laughter. Hoist the sails and make waves of memories with the Buccaneer Bay Themed Inflatable Wet/Dry Combo—an adventure that turns your space into a pirate's paradise!

SIZE : 26ftLx16ftWx15ftH

WEIGHT : About 346lbs