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Princess Castle Bounce House


Enter the realm of royal enchantment with our Princess Castle Bounce House—an inflatable palace that transforms any celebration into a fairy-tale adventure. This bounce house is a regal blend of pastel elegance, majestic spires, and enchanting details, creating a magical experience that invites young princes and princesses to immerse themselves in a world of make-believe.

Perfect for birthdays, royal celebrations, or any event where the magic of princesses reigns supreme, the Princess Castle Bounce House is a captivating and joyful way to celebrate the spirit of royalty. Watch as little ones bounce, twirl, and create memories in this inflatable
palace that captures the grace and charm of a fairy-tale adventure. Get ready for a regal journey into a world of enchantment with our Princess Castle Bounce House!

Size :-13ftLx13ftWx13ftH
Weight :- About 200lbs